Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunshine Award!

I was tagged by Tierney from Tier's Thoughts. Thanks, Cutie!

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These are a few of the blogs I follow and would like to tag. I'm sorry if I tag someone who has already gotten it!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Van D'Go Fauxnad

Base: Essie "Van D'Go"

Pattern: Konad Special Polish in Purple

Plate: H29 From Chez-Delaney

I was really hoping I'd get to use the new plates this week that I'd ordered from Chez-Delaney, but they didn't come in time. I'll just have to wait until next week!

I'm kinda bummed about Van D'Go. I thought it would have more of a pinkish tone to it since that's how it looks in the bottle. It dries much darker. I like it anyway, its just not what I had expected. I really didn't know what design to stamp over it, so I flipped through my books until this one caught my eye. I think it turned out pretty cute. Sorta pretty, yet playful.

Friday, April 2, 2010


I always like looking at people's storage posts, so I thought I would do one of my own. I guess its also kind of a collection post too. Enjoy!

So, this is the inside of my hallway linen closet. It has four shelves, so far two of them are taken up by polish. I got these Expand-A-Shelf cabinet organizers so that I could see the polishes in the back. They expand to fit the length of the inside of your cabinets which is pretty handy. I try to keep all of my polish arranged by color...sorta.

I put in stick up lights that rotate so that I could actually find what I'm looking for. They're pretty bright for being so small. This is the second shelf down. It also holds some of my odds and ends. Lotions, topcoats, etc.

This is one of my wallet sized photo albums that I use to hold my Konad/Fauxnad plates. Its kind of nice having them in a book so they're not sliding all over the place. I like being able to just flip through the book to find the one I want instead of sorting through a pile. Each album holds 24 plates. I got mine on ebay.

The large fauxnad plates fit too, but its a bit of a squeeze.

I use this Caboodles train case to hold my nail art polish and polishes that I only use for stamping. My friend Adriana bought it for me for Christmas. I LOVE it!

This is just an inside pic I took to show what it looks like when you first open it up. It has three shelves on each side that all branch out.

I keep some of my topcoats and basecoats in here too. There's also a little nail tool kit in that little gold clutch on the bottom.

So, that's how I store my collection. Its not as big as some, but I love it anyway. Thanks for looking!

Essie's Funky Limelight Fauxnad and New Chez-Delaney Plates!

Base: Essie "Funky Limelight"

Pattern: Konad Princess Polish in Gold Black

Plate: Chez-Delaney H21

I love this polish, but I hate how neons apply. Bleck. This color makes me think of a yellow highlighter. Lol. It's actually a bit brighter in person. My poor camera just couldn't capture it. For some reason, the tips of my nails didn't wanna stamp worth a crap and I kinda streaked a bit on my ring finger applying my top coat. Half fail.

Chez-Delaney has a new series of plates! It's the "T" Series, and I'm absolutely farking bananas over some of them. They're all large image plates too, which I love.

I thought this little devil chick was pretty badass.

I love love love the broken heart on this one. I have a thing for hearts.

I'm pretty psychotic over this spider web pattern too. I immediately thought of Evil Angel when I saw it!

They have a lot of cute full nail patterns. The ones on T14, T19, T20, and T28 are pretty cool. Plus T28 has a fish bone image and a scratching cat image that I adore. I can't wait for mine to get here!


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