Friday, January 1, 2010

Konad M56 12/03/09

Base: Essie "St. Lucia Lilac"

Pattern: China Glaze “Harmony”

Plate: M56

I honestly almost didn’t Konad this manicure because I love Essie’s “St. Lucia Lilac” so much, but I decided to dress it up with some simple bows. I think this has to be my favorite Konadicure so far. Its so girlie and pretty.


BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

oh, now this is beautiful. I love it !! I may have to try a similar one myself ;o) Very pretty, might have to hunt down this colour. The konad suits it so well, very understated.

moodpuppet said...

You're so sweet! Thanks! I think that's what I like the most about it. Its so simple and pretty.

Doo said...

Really pretty color and lovely bows too! May I ask how many coats does it take to get that opacity with St. Lucia Lilac?

moodpuppet said...

Thanks you so much! 2 if I use Essie's Ridge Filling Base Coat. 3 without.

glitterM said...

This turned out great! Sometimes I find it hard to line this stamp up evenly on each finger. Gotta get some of those China Glazes for stamping. So annoying you can never find them here in Canada....argh!

moodpuppet said...

Thanks! They're my favorite polishes to stamp with.

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