Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ruby Pumps Konad

Base: China Glaze "Ruby Pumps"

Pattern: China Glaze "Passion"

Plate: M35

So this is my first Valentine's Day konad. I love love love Ruby Pumps and this seemed like a good excuse to use it. I'd like to be able to update more than once a week but with all the extra hours I'm picking up at work I just don't have the time. Sorry guys!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recycle Konad

Base: China Glaze "Recycle"

Pattern: OPI "My Private Jet"

Plate: M51

Not much to say about this one. Kinda boring but I like it. It sorta reminds me of the way the weather here has been all week. Cloudy, foggy, windy. I wish I had been more careful when applying my topcoat. I accidentally distorted the image a bit on a couple nails. Oh well. I've done worse! :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hello Kitty Konad

Base: China Glaze "Rich & Famous"

Holo Flowers:
China Glaze "IDK"
Plate: M03

Hello Kitty:
Konad special polish in black
Plate: Fauxnad A02

I love Rich & Famous. It reminds me of pink vinyl. I wish the pics showed how pretty the holo flowers looked in the sun, but once again, my old crappy camera couldn't pick it up. Hopefully I'll be getting a new one before too long. So anyway, I accidentally learned something when I was stamping the flowers on this one that could be useful. Apparently, if you make a mistake when stamping with a china glaze holo polish, you can just scratch it off with your nail if your base coat is completely dry. I know this because when I was done stamping I was outside wearing gloves before I had top coated, and when I took the gloves off, most of my flowers were gone! Wasn't that big of a deal, I just restamped 'em. Oops!

Happy 101 Tag!

I was tagged by the gorgeous Gina of Prim and Polished. Thanks Gina! I'm sooo sorry it took me so long to get around to doing this. Things just started picking up at work again this past week and I'm going to be working 50-60 hours a week until at least November. I can already tell its going to be another crazy year.

I'm suppose to name 10 random facts about myself and tag 10 people. Here goes...

  1. I can't stand having a wrinkle in the bottom of my sock or anything in my shoe. I don't care where I'm at, I will take my shoe off to fix it or I'd probably go mad.
  2. I have a fear of grasshoppers. I have no idea where this came from. I was never attacked by a swarm of them, my parents weren't robbed and killed by grasshoppers when I was a child, or anything like that. I just am. People give me crap about it all the time so feel free to chime in. Lol.
  3. My favorite movie is Rebel Without a Cause. I love James Dean. *drools*
  4. I'm super well organized. The lables on my cosmetics, nail polishes, everything in my shower, etc, (pretty much anything in general) have to be facing outward. There's a fine line between being really organized and having OCD, and I think I might have a toe over it.
  5. I love all kinds of rock. Indie, alternative, classic. My favorite band is Thrice. I'm pretty crazy about Tegan and Sara too.
  6. My best friends are my little sister Lorissa, and my fiancee Seth. I love you guys to death!
  7. I play a lot of video games. I can't wait for the new Bioshock to come out next month. The first one creeped the hell out of me.
  8. I'm addicted to coffee. This past holiday season International Delight put out a white chocolate raspberry creamer that I instantly fell in love with. Sadly it was only seasonal and I'm pretty sure that everywhere around here is sold out of it for good. Sadness.
  9. I go bananas over anything with stripes, hearts, checkers, or polka dots on it.
10. I have two daughters. We call our oldest Kika. She's 13. Very sarcastic, she's got an answer to everything. The little goober cracks me up. My younger of the two is my 12-year-old Ally. She's my cuddly little brainiac and a konad fiend to boot. It always amazes me how different two sisters can be. Those ladies are my world.

So that's it. I hope I didn't bore you to tears. I'm not going to tag anyone in particular because I'm pretty sure most of you have probably been tagged, but if you haven't, I tag you!

New Konad Plates

Sasse's 'nad Stamping Stampede posted this the day before yesterday. I NEED M77-80! Hopefully we don't have to wait too long to get them here in the U.S.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Custom Kicks Redemption

Base: China Glaze "Custom Kicks"

Pattern: Sally Hansen Insta-dri "Pronto Purple"

Plate: M65

I'm a lot happier with the way this konad turned out than I was with yesterday's post. I needed something that was kinda cute and fun to brighten things up with all the snow and gloomy crappy weather we've been getting out here. I wish that my camera would have picked up on the goldish shimmer that Custom Kicks has to it. I really need to get a new one...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blue Sparrow Konad Fail

Base: China Glaze "Blue Sparrow"

Pattern: Konad Princess Polish in Yellow

Plate: M72

I was so disappointed with this one I didn't even bother to clean up before I took my pic. The pic really doesn't do the suckishness justice. It looked a lot worse in person. It was really blurry and just didn't transfer that great. At first I thought I could live with it, but the more I looked at it, the more I got the itch to take it off. It didn't even last an hour. Lol. Hopefully my next attempt works out better. Wish me luck!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Up All Night Konad 1/1/10

Base: China Glaze "Up All Night"
Pattern: China Glaze "Adore"
Plate: M70
This is another Konadicure that my fiancee Seth picked the pattern for. He's been on my case for weeks to do something with snowflakes, so here you go Seffles! I really like these two colors together. If you haven't already heard, all of China Glaze's metallic colors work awesome for stamping. The pattern came out really squishy looking on certain nails. I think its because I tried using a different stamper for this one. Its the one that came with my daughter's nail stamping machine and its a lot softer than the original Konad stampers.

For Audrey Konad M30 & M35

Base: China Glaze “For Audrey”

Pattern: Konad Special Polish in “White”

Plate: M35 for my pinky M30 for all my other nails

China Glaze's "For Audrey" is my favorite polish right now. One of my closest friends, Lesa, bought this for me as part of my X-mas present so I decided to stamp it with this image since she loves cats. Plus, let's face it, the kitty in the bubble bath is absolutely adorable!

Konad M12 & M14 12/17/09

Thumb & Middle Finger

Base: Essie “Blanc”

Pattern: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri “Rapid Red”

Plate: M12


Base: Essie “Blanc”

Pattern: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri “Rapid Red”

Plate: M14

Index & Ring Finger

Base: Urban Decay “F-bomb”

Pattern: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri “Whirlwind White”

Plate: M12

I don’t know what the deal is with the weird reindeer on the X-mas plate, but I decided to use it just for laughs. For some reason, I couldn’t get a single reindeer to stamp right. They didn’t want to come all the way off the stamper. Could have been worse I guess. I still think they were kinda cute. I love how well the santas went on. “Rapid Red” works just as well, if not better, than an actual Konad special polish. They’re all a bit off center though. XD

One of these days I’ll master centering the smaller designs…

Konad M12 &M14 12/10/09

Ring Finger

Base: Essie “Blanc”

Pattern: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri “Jumpin’ Jade”

Plate: M14

All Other Fingers

Base: Sinful Colors “San Francisco”

Pattern: Konad Special Polish in “White”

Plate: M12

I love how cute my ring finger turned out on this one! I wish I would’ve done all my fingers with this design. The Sally Hansen Insta-Dri collection is so awesome for stamping. They’re also great for all over color when I don’t have much time on my hands. I have “rapid red”, “jumpin’ jade”, “pronto purple”, “whirlwind white”, and “mochachino”. Every color lives up to the collection’s name as they all dry almost instantly. They’re all one-coat polishes as well.

Konad M56 12/03/09

Base: Essie "St. Lucia Lilac"

Pattern: China Glaze “Harmony”

Plate: M56

I honestly almost didn’t Konad this manicure because I love Essie’s “St. Lucia Lilac” so much, but I decided to dress it up with some simple bows. I think this has to be my favorite Konadicure so far. Its so girlie and pretty.

Konad M57 11/26/09

Base: Urban Decay “Big Bang”

Pattern: Konad Special Polish in “Black”

Tips: LA Colors Art Deco in “Black”

Plate: M57

I finally got the plate that had the fishnet design and I couldn’t wait to use it. I decided to pair black with Urban Decay’s “Big Bang” because black and pink is one of my favorite combos and I’d been eyeballing “Big Bang” for about a month now. I can’t believe it took me that long to finally break it out. I got soooo many compliments at work on this one. I really wish that it had worn better, it chipped really bad, really fast. I feel like the Urban Decay polish just isn’t that great which is too bad because the colors are gorgeous. Le sigh…

Konad M21 11/19/09

Base: OPI “Mojave Mystic Mauve”

Pattern: China Glaze “Awaken”

Plate: M21

I got bored with this one right away. It just seemed so…blah. Kinda plain for my tastes. I was glad when the week was over so I could take it off and do something a bit more colorful. I think the polish color just didn’t work all that well with my skin tone. Maybe that was the problem. Does anybody know what the hell that design is suppose to be? My fiancee picked it out because I couldn’t decide on a pattern. My friends and I all thought it kinda looked like a weed or the stem of a flower. Lol.

Konad M63 11/13/09

Base: Orly “Mint Mojito”

Pattern: Konad Special Polish in “Blue”

Plate: M63

Orly polishes are, by far, my favorite. I feel like I can wear them almost all week without any chipping or cracking. This manicure reminded me of some kind of tapestry. Curtains or an old sofa or something. Lol. I still think they were super cute.

Konad M3 11/06/09

Ring Finger

Base: Urban Decay “White Widow”

Pattern: Konad Special Polish in “Black”

Plate: M3

All Other Fingers

Base: Urban Decay “Apocalypse”

Pattern: Konad Special Polish in “White”

Plate: M3

I don’t know where I went wrong with this manicure. I went through the same ritual I always do when I paint my nails, but somewhere, something went terribly wrong. I was really happy with it for the first couple of days, but after that, it just literally started popping off. I would go to scratch an itch, cross my arms, or get something out of my bag, and the whole thing would pop off one nail at a time in one solid piece. Base coat and all. It looked like I had on fake nails. Weird…

My First Konadicure 10/30/09

Base: Orly “Prince Charming”

Pattern: Konad Special Polish in “White”

Tips: LA Colors Art Deco Polish in “White”

Plate: M63

After everything that I had heard, I really expected it to go over a lot worse than it did. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. I kinda wish the all over nail designs were just a bit longer so that they would actually cover the entire nail for those of us with longer nails.

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